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Multipurpose Ashtray

Multipurpose Ashtray

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Multipurpose Ashtray Air Purifier!

Fight air pollution with the powerful Multipurpose Ashtray Air Purifier!
💧Purify up to 100% of cigarette fumes quickly and easily.
Get ahead of smoke and smog with this stylish machine.
Multipurpose Ashtray Air Purifier - Germany Smart Life
Overview: 1. High-quality. Constructed from robust ABS plastic, it is easy to utilize and tidy up. 2. An innovative ashtray featuring an air purifier that emits negative ions and air multipurpose. 3. User-friendly. Powerful, one-button open, efficient, system 3600 RPM. 4. The ashtray is uniquely developed with four minor grooves for keeping. Cigarette butts are portable. Compact size, effortless, and convenient to transport.
Behold the multitasking marvel that is the Multipurpose Ashtray: boasting an impressively quiet performance of no more than 36dB, running on battery power for ultimate convenience, and effortlessly eliminating odours in spaces of 11-20m². No matter your style - be it creative, simple, or Nordic - we've got the perfect ashtray solution for you!le


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