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Dust-free Smoking Car Ashtray

Dust-free Smoking Car Ashtray

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Anti-soot dust-free smoking cigarette holder

Car home / Ash storage / Thick, medium and thin universal

Choose walnut for an unprecedented experience
Simple and elegant, select high-quality walnut wood, beautiful and generous, delicate and smooth to the touch, you can't put it down

I will solve your smoking troubles for you
Solve all your headaches

The old driver's exclusive cigarette cover is not afraid of flying ash
Cigarette butts and ash are collected and cleaned to keep the ash in the car, so you can enjoy a comfortable space

Smoking indoors, place and take out any ash without residue
Put on the cigarette cover, put it away and take it whenever you want to smoke without fear of flying ash and burning your clothes

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Material: carbon fiber material, peach wood, sandalwood
Function: store soot to prevent the spread of smoke
Application: Suitable for family bedroom, living room, office, car, indoor and outdoor anywhere.
Size: 11*2.5cm/4.3*1in

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